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Microsoft Imagine Cup Ready

Microsoft Imagine Cup Ready is a stunning initiative to evangelize Microsoft’s flagship technology hackathon aka Microsoft Imagine Cup. Microsoft Imagine Cup Ready Pakistan aims to spread the word via in-person campaigns in key cities nationwide. It is a collaborative venture by Microsoft Education, Pakistan & MLSA Pakistan.
Carrying on the bequest of the prestigious Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Pakistan - (MLSA Pakistan), the renowned technology community, we are honored to ignite this iconoclast initiative in collaboration with Microsoft & MLSA Pakistan. MLSA Pakistan has been in a strategic partnership with Microsoft evolving an enormous wave to the opportunities stream.
Imagine Cup is an annual competition powered by Microsoft Corporation, which brings together student developers worldwide to help resolve some of the world's most pressing issues. It is considered as "Olympics of Technology" and one of the top competitions and awards related to technology. Pakistan has a great reputation at Imagine Cup landscapes, as we lead the globe in terms of participation rate and quality solutions. Need of the hour is to create the awareness regarding Microsoft Imagine Cup among students of Pakistani Alma maters.
MLSA Pakistan is a well-rounded community of Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors hailing from Pakistan. MLSA Pakistan being the third largest MLSA community of the world is playing a pivotal role towards the betterment of humanity and society evangelizing diversity & inclusion. MLSA is the flagship campus ambassador program powered by Microsoft, empowering the student community to bridge the gap between academia and industry.
Microsoft has always been a great mover towards hackathons and problem-solving activities as it reflects in Microsoft's tagline "empowering every student and organization on the planet to achieve more" so, accomplishing this great aim requires creating real-world applications as a countermeasure to the problems of the planet.
Microsoft Education has always strived hard to bring the opportunities stream to the awesome pool of intellectual student developers of Pakistan. Via this joint venture of Microsoft & MLSA Pakistan, we will be depicting a clear image of Digital Pakistan. Microsoft in collaboration with MLSA Pakistan has been providing enormous opportunities to Pakistani universities and students ranging from free certification vouchers to mentorship and other enterprise benefits like Microsoft Teams product, which has been a boon in this virtual educational paradigm.