An idea that was previously considered to be impossible is now becoming a reality!
Yes ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever, Microsoft Student Partners - Pakistan from FAST-NUCES and UOL have joined hands to bring you the ever so grand MicroFest++ on the 29th, 30th and 31st May.
This will be a global competition that will be brought to you all at your homes exclusively in this trying time of #Covid19 and will feature countless fun filled, interactive and interesting modules related to the fields of Technology, Medical and Business Studies.
Furthermore, there will be informative talks from #International_Professional_Speakers to motivate and enlighten you to further advance your skills and polish your ideas.
There will be multiple ompetitions from different fields:
- Bug Catcher
- Algo Challenge
- Web / App Development
- Graphic Designing

- Business Scan
- Mind Zone
- Actor in Market

- The Brain Rush