Local Hack Day

Microsoft Student Partners - Pakistan is going to organize #Local_Hack_Day on 12th October 2019 in Garrison University Lahore.
What is Local Hack Day?
MLH's Local Hack Day is a series of simultaneous global events designed to spark a passion for technology in your local community. Spend the day getting hands-on experience and collaborating in a welcoming environment at a local event. Whether you are learning to code or are an expert hacker, Local Hack Day is perfect for you and your community. Learn new skills, build new projects, and share your creations at a Local Hack Day near you. This year we are doing things differently. You can now host a conference, a hack day, and a demo day for your community. We are focusing on the three important skills - Learning, Building, and Sharing. Why Local Hack Day?
Local Hack Day is the easiest way to participate and learn with a worldwide community. Local Hack Day is designed to be as welcoming for beginners as experts and it all happens simultaneously with hundreds of locations around the globe. Excited to learn something new? Local Hack Day will give you the space to do that. Find a location near you, register, and participate. That's all you need to do.